Winter Wonderland

By Belinda Baggs

Waking up with the moon, frosty windows, dark skies, damp wetties, fog, and rainy mornings, deep puddles, fires, cozy blankets, hot tea, low sun, cold winds, long lines, frozen toes, ocean spray, and ice-cream headaches … these are the things that create my winter wonderland.

A Date With The Strait presented by Zeb Walsh and Jack Bark

Tomorrow! Wednesday 8/20/14
Doors at 7:30pm, Screening at 8pm
FCD parking lot, 43 S Olive St., Ventura, CA
This is a free event

Join us Wednesday, August 20th at 7:30pm at FCD with Zeb Walsh, Patagonia Australia, and Jack Bark as they present their story of the world’s first paddle crossing from Australia to Tasmania across the notorious Bass Strait, a grueling 200-mile trip.  It was arduous, beautiful and nothing like they expected.  We’ll kick it off with some beer, beverages, popcorn and of course the main event, slide show and presentation by Zach and Jack.  And then wish them and their paddling comrades all good luck on this weekend’s Catalina Classic paddle board race

Check out their short video teaser and learn more on their Facebook page: A Date With The Strait

Photos: Justin Bastien & Cormac Hanrahan

One Arm for the Planet 

Jeff Denholm lost his arm on a fishing boat in Alaska and since became a force for good. As Jeff puts it “My response to the accident was to become an inspiration for others–that became my sole focus.”

Read Jeff’s story at Adventure Sports Journal

Oil Spill

By Rethink Canada

Using a water-soluble ink, we created these “leaking” posters for the Dogwood Initiative’s No Tankers project, which endeavors to keep oil tankers out of BC’s coastal waters.

For more on this issue, check out Chris Malloy’s film, Groundswell.

Otto Flores una Voz para El Cambio

El nuevo número de la revista 7Mares está fuera y hay un gran artículo con Otto Flores interior. 

Léalo en línea


Patagonia Ambassador Belinda Baggs rides a surfboard designed in 1968 by fellow Patagonia Ambassador Wayne Lynch. This design came to Wayne in a dream and he called it the Involvement Model. It became the one board quiver that he rode around the world. Nearly forty five years later, Belinda explores what riding that surfboard feels like.


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